Restaurant De Treeswijkhoeve

Restaurant De Treeswijkhoeve

Dining under the plane trees, between the elegant topiary box hedges in the grounds of this beautiful farmhouse, is a truly exceptional experience. Superior products are combined to make wonderfully creative dishes, sometimes quite daring but always very successful. This is gastronomy at the highest level!

“Proud. That’s how we feel when we can welcome you to sample our new creations. Every time. You won’t often hear us say: that’s not possible. For us, it’s the basis of hospitality. We want people to feel at home here, to just be themselves. That is our endeavour. Our passion.”

The owner-chef combines outstanding products of his home country with a wide range of Mediterranean, Asian and South American influences. Using subtle accents from such countries as India, Thailand, Italy and Peru, he demonstrates both his sources of inspiration and his versatility, creating menus of amazing diversity that optimally stimulate the human senses.

The second Michelin star awarded to Dick Middelweerd in November 2012 came as a complete surprise. “We were all extremely proud of our first star, and would have been happy just to keep that,” he said a few days after the announcement was made in the newspaper. Together with his wife, he runs the restaurant De Treeswijkhoeve, located in the woods near Waalre, which was originally begun by her parents.

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